Bria Jones is the modern day girl-next-door. She has cultivated a community of over 800,000 “besties” by romanticizing her everyday life, having intimate conversations on relatable topics and issues, and opening up on the struggles of early adulthood.

Jones is passionate about utilizing her platform to normalize the conversation around mental health and is candid about her personal journey. She’s also an advocate for racial justice and was inducted into Youtube’s Black Voices Class of 2023.

Being the first entrepreneur in her family, Bria shares the tools and resources she is utilizing to become financially literate and hopes to inspire those who don’t come from financially stable backgrounds.

Bria is married to Husband, AJ and together they parent their fur baby famously known to the internet as Bubbi. They are anticipating sharing exciting milestones in life such as getting their first home and hopefully raising a family.

She has partnered with Air Jordan, Levi’s, Lululemon, Valentino, Beats by Dre, and many more.

Bria currently resides in Dallas, Texas.