Briana King is a skateboarder, community organizer and leader, model and actor from East LA. Briana is passionate about an inclusive, judgment free, community within skateboarding, where she brings together and encourages female and LGBTQ+ skaters. 

Briana organizes and hosts meet ups through Display Only, the organization she created with the goal of focusing on female and queer presence in skateboarding. She strives to create safe spaces for skateboarders around the world, where everyone feels comfortable doing something that isn’t the most comfortable. She inspires confidence in the younger generation and offers to teach those, of all ages, who may be stepping on a board for the first time. As a black female skater, Briana has become someone skaters look up to and seek out, in a sport that has always highlighted white cis males.

Briana has worked with various brands to support her mission, including Squarespace, Skullcandy, StockX, Zappos and more. Briana prioritizes her goals in the work she does with brands, finding creative ways to give back and integrate her community. She has partnered with and been featured in numerous campaigns and editorials for Apple, Converse, DKNY, Drew House, FILA, G-STAR, Guess Originals, HP, I-D, Jansport, Jordan, MINI, NADAAM, Nike, Prada, Puma, Uniqlo, Vans and Vogue.