Hailing from Toronto, Gonnie Garko is one of the most promising emerging DJs on the scene with co-signs from OVO, and appearances on top-line bills. Her carefully curated, genre-diverse mixes are setting her apart and no doubt contributing to her rise to the top. 
Gonnie is not only establishing herself as an exceptional DJ, but as a highly sought after model as well. You might’ve seen her on Drake’s Instagram in some OVO gear, or in an Off White campaign. 
Gonnie’s love for both music and fashion has resulted in her merging the two; DJing exclusive events & collaborating with high-profile brands such as Fendi, OVO, Canada Goose, Jordan Brand, Vogue + more. 
Gonnie continues to solidify herself in the industry proving to be a force to be reckoned with & shows no signs of slowing down.