Madison|LST is a multifaceted talent currently on tour with triple platinum, breakout artist, Aminé. While on the road, Madison plays the dual role of both tour DJ and producer. Much of his experience as a DJ comes from his work in Manhattan’s downtown scene where he’s become known as the go-to staple at some of the city’s hottest clubs.

Through his work with fellow industry luminaries such as Brendan Fallis, Tommy Saleh, Angelo Bianchi and Jean-Marc Houmard, he’s established a spotless reputation among high-end clientele in both fashion and film, working with brands and celebrities like Versace, Chanel, The Row, Saint-Laurent, GQ, Nick Jonas, and James Franco. His genre-bending style, and knack for seamlessly blending hit singles, old and new, has garnered him a loyal audience and client base that continues to propel his work on to bigger and broader stages.