Heron Preston

Heron Preston

Job Position

Designer / Artist / DJ / Creative Director

Heron Preston is a San Francisco-born designer, artist, creative director and DJ. After receiving a degree in Design & Management from Parsons School of Design in 2007, Preston landed at NIKE where he worked on both of their Marketing and Digital teams. During that time, he co-founded the lifestyle brand #BEENTRILL# alongside Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams & Justin Saunders. Obsessed with breaking rules and selling new ideas to youth culture, Heron continuously experiments with innovative ideas leveraging creativity and technology while also working in the areas of fashion design and as a DJ.

With the explosion of #BEENTRILL#, Heron became one of the premiere open-format DJs in the world. He can be seen playing events all over the world for brands such as GQ, Ford, Sprite, Supreme, among others and at festivals such as Coachella, ULTRA, and Fool’s Gold Day Off.

Outside of DJing, Preston is focusing his time on working with notable artists existing in current culture platforms of art, music and fashion and launching an online concept store on HeronPreston.com which is currently scheduled for January 2016.