Dr. LA Thoma is an American Physical Therapist who strives to change the culture of inactivity. With a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from Kent University, and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, DPT from Old Dominion University, she has built a reputation as a movement and rehab expert.

As a firm believer in leading by example, Thoma routinely shares all things physical therapy, fitness, and health, along with a sprinkle of her lifestyle via her social media accounts. Her hope is that by showing people how easy it is to become active, people can make lasting changes for themselves and for the world. As a former D1 athlete, she recognizes that health and fitness can be intimidating. Through her hands-on experience and education, Thoma aims to make understanding movement more simple and approachable.

Thoma takes a holistic approach to all aspects of her life including her commitments to sustainability, charity, and helping others to become active.

Thoma currently works with some of Hollywood’s most influential talent including Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and Danielle Panabaker, among others. 

Thoma currently splits her time between LA and Vancouver, Canada.